01 May 2011

Rouges Gallery

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Always trying to spot one

Left :Failure of a brass ( unlikely to be  bronze) skin fitting on a 2004 fast motor cruiser, discovered on the pre sea trial check.

Right: This sea cock just came off in my hands ! Plastic skin fitting at fault.






Damage to longitudinal and floor on a 2006 fast motor cruiser. No signs of collision and the hull externally was good.




Gate valve used as a sea cock on a  1975 sailing yacht.

Maybe its been there for years but they are not recommended as if the collar and thread fail it will most likely fail in the open position and you cannot close it.



Sea water inlet hose nearly melted through, seen here forced against the hot exhaust pipe on a Mercruiser.





Not much chance of getting to these sea cocks….. trying to hide behind the exhaust pipe. Did they close ? Did they……..





Bad paint job. Lifted out of the water, chocked up and oh dear ! all the paint slides off.

Just been painted in Germany, had to blast the entire hull, fill the damaged hull, fair and repaint.




One way to stop those drips……..whats underneath ?





Not recommended and rarely seen.

Not seized and anyway D Shackles should not be used on standing rigging.




Fuel header tank situated above and behind the engine without the correct valves.

It is recommended to fit a valve on the outlet which can be closed remotely from the cockpit and isloating valves on the sight glass which should only be opened when the level needs to be observed.




One propeller of a twin screw yacht; galvanic corrosion caused by failure of shaft earth strap





Sail drive leg corroded due to a stray current from ground plate (used as 12 volt earth) on the same yacht .

A fault was traced where 12 volts was passing to the earth wire connected to the ground plate.




Just the one propeller, of a twin screw yacht, where zinc has been depleted.

This shaft was fitted with a flexible coupling, the other not.






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