MCA Coding


As a full member of the International Institute of Marine Surveying we are able to undertake surveys and prepare the documentation to enable a boat to be ” Coded” under the MCA.

MCA Coding is required for British Flag boats trading commercially.

The procedure for this is as follows:

1. We will prepare a scope of works defining what we do and the costs.

2. On acceptance we will visit the boat and together with the Owner or Skipper briefly run through the application form SCV2 to determine the requirements.

3. Once the Owner / Skipper has prepared the boat we will return for a full survey which includes an out of water structural survey.

4. The application form and supporting documents are sent to the Certifying Authority for examination.

5. UponĀ  approval a 5 year certifciate is issued.

6. The Owner / Skipper may make the annual examinations but the third year must be carried out by the surveyor.

Tonnage Surveys

We carry out tonnage surveys which form part of the requirements to register a vessel under the Part 1 British Registry