Pre Purchase Condition Surveys

After listening to your requirements we will agree on a Scope of Works.  This will be sent to you with our Terms & Conditions.

The Scope of Works form will be completed by you based on our discussions.

Do you want a ready to sail vessel ?

Are you buying something that you wish to repair or upgrade.

Is it for Mediterranean cruising or Blue Water sailing ?

Are you going to charter the vessel?

If we know what you are looking for we can tailor the service accordingly.

The survey is a visual inspection of the hull, machinery and fittings.

A fair market valuation will be ascertained if requested.

Generally a pre purchase survey is conducted out of the water.

For a thorough hull examination lifting out for a few hours on cradle is not recommended. We prefer to have the vessel on a hard standing for at least  24 hours before the survey and all the loose marine growth removed by high pressure washing. Small areas of antifouling and some areas of paint coating will be removed to carry out a the survey.

The anchor and chain should be flaked for the survey.

If at all possible it is recommended that the bedding is removed and lockers are emptied to allow for a thorough inspection to take place.

Keys must be left with the Yard if the owner is not in attendance and alarm codes must be made available.

For a thorough pre purchase survey an in water survey and sea trail is recommended in most cases.

Sea trials can be carried out to evaluate performance under operating conditions. This gives us the opportunity to operate the steering, autopilot, navigation equipment, engines, domestic sanitary systems, the sails and rig and deck gear.

A pre-purchase and condition survey is considered to ascertain the structural condition of the craft. All other items are inspected on a non-intrusive, visual basis only unless specifically agreed in the contract of survey.

Bilge Pumps Keel
Cathodic Protection Machinery
Decks, deck equipment Mast, rigging & sails
Equipment levels Plumbing
Electrical Installations Rudders & Hangings
Davits, boarding ladders & accesses Steering gear
Fastenings Stem Gear
Fire Equipment Superstructure
Fresh Water installations Safety equipment
Fuel tanks & pipework Stern glands
Gas systems Shafts and couplings
Guard & Handrails Skin fittings/sea cocks
Ground Tackle Toilet installations
Hatches & openings Ventilation systems
Hull bottom coating Windows & Portlights

In many cases the equipment will not be operated. The